Our Certifications
In addition to academic and extra-academic certifications and licenses, Smiley & Co, Ltd. has been certified as an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business by the U.S. Small Business Administration and as an M/DBE by the State of Colorado, City and County of Denver, CDOT and the Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council, "The Council."

Smiley & Co, Ltd. is listed at Central Contractor Association, U.S. Small Business Administration, Supplier Gateway, Native Network Environmental Conflict Resolution, American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council,

Training Programs Offered by
Smiley & Co, Ltd. and
Dr. Carolyna Smiley-Marquez



Historic Trauma and Its Impact on Mediation Involving Native Americans
Handouts FDR XXII
  • Indian relations in history &
  • geographical distinctions;
  • termination and relocation;
  • generational impact;
  • workplace dynamics; and
  • issues for mediators.

    Conflict & Anger at Work
    Handouts WMDC

    Don't Everyone Talk at Once: Mediation Involving Native American Issues

  • native american styles of conflict;
  • language and silent languages of culture &
  • styles of dispute resolution;
  • deeper underlying issues;
  • broader transtribal issues; and
  • common ground when participants are different.

    Multicultural Mediation: The Diversity Factor!

  • diversity matters in conflicts;
  • cross cultural styles of conflict;
  • gender, race and culture in conflicts;
  • language of trust & culture;
  • silent language of culture & dispute resolution;
  • gender talk & conflict;
  • cross cultural styles in conflict & resolution; and
  • common ground when participants are different.

    When Race IS the Conflict

  • recognize when race is the issue;
  • race is the issue more often than we think; and
  • how to address race dynamics in conflicts.

    When Gender IS the Conflict

  • when gender is the issue;
  • gender is the issue more often than we think; and
  • how to address the gender dynamics in conflicts.


    Cross Cultural Understanding at Work - Training Modules

  • Hispanics;
  • Native Americans;
  • African American; and
  • Asian American.

    Crossing Cultures:
    I'm a Stranger Here, Myself!

  • ethnicity & gender and organizational culture;
  • how cultural paradigms empower and limit;
  • impact of culture on behavior; and
  • developing cross cultural communication skills.

    Understanding Global Cultures

  • cross cultural communication;
  • transcultural management; and
  • doing business internationally.

    Understanding Cultural Differences

  • a plain talk definition of culture;
  • how culture shapes experience and interpretation;
  • nderstanding culture of groups and organizations;
  • accessiing resources of a multicultural environment; and
  • how employers and teams can use cultural resources.

    Contemporary Native American Issues

  • who are Native Americans?;
  • significance of identity to Native people;
  • treaty relationships;
  • contemporary issues; and
  • Native Americans in the workplace.

    Introduction to Native Americans

  • who are Native Americans?;
  • legal and social status;
  • multigenerational issues; and
  • Native Americans in the workplace.


    Dialogue Across Differences about Differences

  • the significance diversity differences;
  • a four-step approach for communicating across differences; and
  • an opportunity to practice dialogue.

    The Transforming Power of Dialogue
    for Valuing Diversity in Organizations

  • the dynamics of diversity;
  • dialogue across differences about differences; and
  • dialogue in organizational transformative efforts.


    Workplace IQ! - Diversity & Beyond

  • how attitudes and behaviors affect the workplace;
  • the relationship between property rights and wrongs;
  • seven competencies for a successful workplace;
  • benchmark individual and group workplace IQ;
  • discuss what workplace IQ means for productivity; and
  • explore three levels of diversity competencies.

    The Millennium Game: Civil Rights to Diversity

  • a four-level model for understanding diversity;
  • legal and historical foundations of equity and diversity;
  • systemic issues for diversity; and
  • a three-level diagnostic and perscriptive model for diversity issues.

    Equity Jeopardy! An Educational Game

  • principles and theories underlying EEO;
  • discrimination in the making;
  • constitutional building blocks for equal rights; and
  • dynamic relationship between ... isms and privilege.

    What Every Manager Needs to Know to Assure a Discrimination-Free Workplace

  • legal genealogy of equal opportunity law;
  • EEO, affirmative action and diversity;
  • assuring a discrimination-free workplace; and
  • how to prevent and address discrimination.

    What Every Manager Needs to Know about Gender Discrimination

  • legal genealogy of sex equity laws;
  • sex and gender discrimination;
  • how EEO & affirmative action differ from diversity;
  • assuring a sex and gender discrimination-free workplace; and
  • how to prevent and address discrimination.

    What Every Manager Needs to Know to Assure a Harassment-Free Workplace

  • laws and principles that apply to harassment;
  • forms of actionable harassment;
  • how to assure a harassment-free work environment.
  • managing a harassment-free work environment; and
  • employers actions to address harassment.

    Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment

  • sexual harassment guidelines;
  • what harassment is and what it isn't;
  • employer and employee liabilities for harassment; and
  • prevent and address illegal harassment.

    Preventing & Addressing
    Sexual Harassment:
    A Practical Guide for Employers

    Understanding Reverse Discrimination

  • genealogy of equal opportunity law;
  • how equal opportunity differs from affirmative action;
  • reverse discrimination"; and
  • reverse discrimination issues for today's workforce.

    Preventing and Addressing Harassment at Work

  • laws that prohibit harassment
  • what illegal harassment is and what it isn't;
  • employer and employee liabilities; and
  • prevent and address illegal harassment.


    Even Eagles Need a Push!

  • a 3 P's formula that makes a winner a winner;
  • an opportunity to reflect on professional purpose; and
  • models of energy and excellence.


    Storytelling for a Change

  • how stories encourage and support change;
  • how stories discourage growth and change in organizations;
  • language technologies that propel change; and
  • how to make and use change stories.

    Storytelling for a Change (A Workbook):
    Stories that Change Organizations and People


    It's All in Your Head: Care and Feeding of the Brain for High Performance, for Life

  • When your brain works right;
  • Brain trouble;
  • Anxiety, depression, ADD, Alzheimers;
  • Reasons to love "helmet head"; and
  • Practical tools for care & feeding of the high performance brain.