Our Principles
We are committed to and provide professional services based on principles of integrity, quality, partnership, generosity and faithful work.

Our Volunteer Work
Dr. Smiley-Marquez serves as a pro bono provider for monolingual Spanish-speaking individuals and families.

Additional Resources

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2. Cross Cultural Issues for Mediators
3. Dynamics of Diversity in Conflicts:
What Managers Need to Know

4. Equity Jeopardy: You Ask the Questions About EEO

Listings & Affiliations
Smiley & Co, Ltd. is listed at Central Contractor Registration, U.S. Small Business Administration, Supplier Gateway, Native Network Environmental Conflict Resolution, American Counseling Association, Advanced Commercial Mediation Certificate,
American Arbitration Association
and Harvard Law School
Child and Family Investigator
American Psychological Association, Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council, and Brain Matters, Inc.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Internet-Based Mediation
Process Managemen

Multicultural Mediators--a doing business as service of Smiley & Co, Ltd.--offers facilitation, mediation, problem-solving and training services for the workplace and community.

More than 5000 hours of complaint counseling and resolution services, multidisciplinary training, multicultural and diversity savvy, a practical and respectful approach, bilingual (Spanish-English) services, and a commitment to continuous improvement sets Multicultural Mediators apart.

Multicultural Mediators provides alternative resolution services including:

• Conflict Intervention
• Discrimination Complaint Counseling and Resolution
• Diversity Training
• Facilitation
• Group and Community Facilitation
• Teambuilding & Rebuilding
• Multi-party Community Involvement
• Environment & Public Policy Disputes

Multicultural Mediators provides transformative mediation, facilitative mediation or evaluative mediation services.

Facilitative Mediation: In this approach, I stucture the process to help parties reach a mutually agreeable solution. I ask questions; appreciateand search the parties' points of view; searches for interests underneath positions taken by the parties in order to assist them in finding and analyzing options for resolution.

Evaluative Mediation: In this approach, I consider the strengths and weaknesses of the parties' cases and may make recommendations. The legal rights of the parties are as important as their needs and interests for me and I evaluate based on legal concepts of fainess, often using "shuttle diplomacy" rather than having the parties meet face to face.

Transformative Mediation and Native American Peacemaking: Recognition by the parties of the other parties' needs, interests, values and points of view, allowing for the empowerment of the participants to communicate across the conflict. The potential in this approach is that the parties' relationships may be positively influenced by the process. In this case, the parties structure the process and the outcome of the mediation and the mediator supports their work. Where professional and personal relationshiips matter, the process is designed to support reconciliation.

Our Practice
We focus on maximizing strengths while addressing barriers to productive relationships.

Training Programs Offered
We provide advanced professional training for mediators, facilitators and resolvers addressing diversity issues, including specialized programs about mediation with Native Americans and about Native American issues.

FDR XXII Free Powerpoint Presentation
Native Americans, Historic Trauma and Its Impact in Mediation
Email your request to: carolyna@smileyandcompany.com

Credentials, Certifications & Network Memberships
Dr. Smiley-Marquez holds mediation, cross-cultural and international mediation certifications from CDR Associates, the American Arbitration Association, the American Association for Affirmative ActionAssociation for Conflict Resolution and is listed with Native Dispute Resolution Network of the Environmental Conflict Resolution Center.

Carolyna holds an interdisciplinary doctoral degree from the University of Colorado. Additional she is master's certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR, EMDRIA Certified). She is a student of brain functioning studies with the AMEN Institute and with Brain Matters, Inc.

In addition to academic and extra-academic certifications and licenses, Smiley & Co, Ltd. has been certified as an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business by the U.S. Small Business Administration and as an M/WBE by the States of Colorado and Utah and the Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council.

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